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Why is planning and scheduling software important for cleaning companies?

Efficiently rostering your cleaning workforce can be a real challenge. People work flexible hours and work schedules change regularly. In addition, manual work consumes much time and energy on the part of project leaders, who often manage huge field services. Smart planning and scheduling software allows you to automate this work: a better overview, more time, more work enjoyment and satisfied clients!

What elements are contained in our planning and scheduling software?

The cleaning industry is very specific: the week roster, the additional work orders, use of materials and correct time registration are essential to succes. As scheduling experts who know the cleaning sector from experience, we know precisely how to automate these elements. Link2clean software is perfectly suited in this regard and enables the automation of many more aspects of your organisation’s business process.

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What are the advantages of Way2connect software?

Automation and digitisation need not be hard. On the contrary: they should bring convenience, which is exactly what our smart software does! Say goodbye to time-consuming and confusing communication and administration and consider the following advantages:

  • Specifically for the cleaning industry;
  • User-friendly;
  • Integration with all commonly used ERP systems such as AFAS;
  • Complete project and contract management;
  • Simple changing of day planning and roster;
  • Forms, attachments and instructions can be added to work orders;

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Streamline your week roster and work hours

The possibilities are endless

Curious to see if Link2clean is right for your organisation? Request a demo now or contact me. I’m eager to get to know and future-proof your business!

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