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The advantages of smart software

With Link2clean, our planning and scheduling software for the cleaning sector, you can create the smartest cleaning planning effortlessly. In no time, you can place the right people on the right cleaning job at the right time!

Week roster

You fill in the week roster simply and clearly with available employees, temporary workers or subcontractors.

Time registration

Employees’ presence is easily and clearly recorded in the Link2clean app, including travel times and breaks.

Materials planning

Reservation and allocation of required and used materials are easily monitiored with Link2clean planning and scheduling software.

Digital work orders

Work orders can be signed directly by clients via the Link2clean app, making them ready for immediate invoicing.

Workforce planning

The week roster plans employees automatically. In case of absence, a task can be easily allocated to a replacement. Additional work orders are easily planned for available workers.

Contract management

Contracts with periodic rosters are easily created and managed in Link2clean, providing you with direct insight into existing agreements with clients and business relations.

Hotel cleaning

By connecting data in a well-arranged dashboard, you always have important information directly at hand.

Holiday planning

Get a grip on holiday period mutations and gain insight into which tasks have not yet been assigned to a replacement.

Software links

Our software Link2clean communicates with all ERP systems and can easily be linked to calculation software, for example.

Management information

Linking data in clear reports provides important management information for the cleaning process that’s always at your disposal.

Remuneration management

Link2clean provides the necessary input for correct remuneration calculation, for example by marking overtime as such.

Portal for the End Client

Your client can easily apply for extra cleaning services via the Link2clean online app and always has access to reports.

Authorisation of work rolls

Set the rights and restrictions for each employee with ease.


Employees go to a job with a clear cleaning checklist so nothing is forgotten and completion of the list can be digitised directly.

Project management

Always have insight into each project thanks to clear, detailed lists, current contracts, planned and executed tasks and reports made.


Increase customer satisfaction with automated emails or text messages at any moment required.

Infrequent work activities

Link2clean provides scheduling possibilities for infrequent tasks too, ensuring all work activities are carried out at the agreed time.

Can your week rostering process be more efficient?

We are keen to assess the optimisation potential of your services together with you. Request a free introductory phone consultation and discover the suitability of Link2clean for your organisation!

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